These galleries are open during regular museum hours and may be included with a museum tour.

Artica Gallery / Familly Activity Center

Looking for a creative spot for your kids to work on an art project, or a place for you to explore your inner artist? If so, visit the Artica Gallery! Artica is an interactive creative space for all ages. Look at huge painting reproductions on the walls, sit in front of a mirror and draw a self portrait, create on a computer drawing program, "build" a house with the assistance of a paper model or by usings colorful blocks, image a new you when you decorate a reflection of your face with glasses, moustaches or other interesting features, or dive into one of the many other tabletop activities in the space.

Artica helps you discover:
• where artists find inspiration
• how artists use their imagination to be creative
• how artists express their ideas

New additions have been added with the LEGO exhibition in mind. LEGO stations, expanded build areas, books and games will be added to the family-friendly space.

Installation of the Artica Gallery made possible with support from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust
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Learn to Look

This gallery is designed to encourage looking and creating for visitors of all ages.  
It is located on Level 2, next to the Family Activity Center.

The Art of LEGO®
LEGOs aren’t just fabulous and creative ways to play, they can be used to create works of art!  Find out more in this interactive family space and make your own work of LEGO art to hang in our LEGO Gallery.


LEGO®: Build, Play, Learn
Explore architecture through the medium of LEGOs. Guests will learn fun facts, discover books and building models, and then get a chance to add to our community landscape build.