Alois Kronschlaeger: Polychromatic Contemplations

“My work deals with space, light, color, how you intervene and activate a space, and how a space can be a combination of both interior and exterior.” —Alois Kronschlaeger

New York-based Austrian artist Alois Kronschlaeger combines weaving, sculpting and painting in intricate sculptures whose geometries and colors appear to change as the viewer moves through the gallery. Kronschlaeger’s works explore his fascination with architectural forms and their relationship to the surrounding landscape. When visiting the Figge in the fall of 2016, Kronschlaeger recognized an immediate synergy between his geometric sculptures and architect David Chipperfield’s building design and the civic grid on which it is sited. In his Figge exhibition, he seeks to remind visitors of the historic division of the Midwestern landscape into squares that form the boundaries of townships, farms and homesteads in the process.

On view June 9-September 16, 2018

Sunday, June 3 • 5 pm Friends of the Figge Preview Party
Thursday, June 14 • 6:30 pm Artist Talk

Alois Kronschlaeger, Grid Structure #1: Configuration #3, 2015, basswood, ink, aluminum mesh, 95.25 x 50.75 x 51.625 inches (241.9 x 128.9 x 131.1 cm), photo by John Muggenborg