Crochet-Ins at the Figge

5-8 pm Thursday, October 12
Free Admission

The Augustana Teaching Museum of Art will create a large “yarn bomb” sculpture this fall, involving community volunteers under the direction of Ohio-based artist Carol Hummel. Active across the United States and abroad, Hummel says her work is meant to traverse “the socially constructed constraints of difference by exploring the ties that bind human beings to each other through culture, kinship, history, social interaction and friendship.”

The project is funded by the National Endowment for the Arts grants in the Art Works category, which focuses on public engagement with art and strengthening of communities through the arts. The active portion of the yarn bomb project is slated for Augustana’s fall term, when several community partners, including Augustana and the Figge Art Museum, will host workshops. Students and community members will work with Hummel to create smaller crocheted pieces, which Hummel will stitch together and install on a campus site for seven months.

Individuals and groups wishing to participate in the project should email Dr. Claire Kovacs at

The completed artwork will be unveiled on the Augustana campus on October 29.