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The generosity of our donors enables the Figge Art Museum to touch the lives of over 65,000 Quad-City residents each year through exhibits, educational programs, and outreach activities. Your support provides the resources we need to impact the lives of thousands of children and adults.

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It’s another busy day for Deb Roberts, as she juggles preparations for her position as the art teacher at Pleasant Valley’s Hopewell Elementary School and arranges to attend one of many volunteer committee meetings scheduled for the week. Meanwhile, Doug has just returned from yet another trip to China and India on behalf of John Deere. Yet, even in the midst of their busy lives, Doug and Deb find time to financially support and volunteer at the Figge Art Museum.

They invest their precious time and resources at the Figge because they believe the Figge provides a vital resource to the community—one that combines their passion for art education and their belief in the importance of family.

Doug’s years as an executive at John Deere allow him to provide another unique perspective on the importance of art education. “Kids get bombarded with the idea that the only important things are reading, writing and math. They forget that this country and great companies like John Deere were founded on creativity. Creativity is the foundation of our country’s economic success.”

Adds Deb, “The mere existence of the Figge is a great example of how local people can make a difference in their community. Our gifts give us the chance to enhance the life of the community.”