VISIONARY $25,000 +

The Harris Family Foundation Fund

John Deere Classic - Birdies for Charity

J. Randolph and Linda Lewis

Quad City Bank & Trust

Susan Quail

Warner Foundation


Bank of America - Museums on Us

Thomas K. and Jennifer Figge

John Gardner and Catherine Weideman

Brian and Diana Lovett

ORA Orthopedics

Quad Cities Community Foundation

Alan and Julie Renken

Lloyd and Betty Schermer

Jordan Schnitzer

The Moline Foundation

The Singh Group at Merrill Lynch

Thomas O. and Margaret Nobis Foundation Fund

C.R. and Nancy von Maur

William & Marie Figge Wise Foundation

ADVOCATE $7,500 +

Beaux Arts Fund Committee

John and Nancy Danico

GreenState Credit Union

Caroline Kimple

Kevin and Jane Koski

Judie Lance

MidAmerican Energy Company

Wynne and David Schafer

Mark and Deborah Schwiebert



Rick Bowers and Ahn Spence

Brad Sethness Foundation

Cynthia Carlson and Willie Caldwell

Patricia Figge

Janice Hartwig

Marc and Gma Howze

Peg and David Iglehart

Richard Kleine

Brian J. and Elizabeth Lemek

Carolyn Levine

Joseph and Carolyn Martin

Linda Schneider

Aleeza Singh and Kyle Ekberg

Terrostar/Medix Dental

Eric and Barb Trimble

James Walters

Cal and Jill Werner

Xenotronics Company

Mark and Barbara Zimmerman

PATRON $2,500 +

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

BITCO Insurance Companies

Don and Dee Bruemmer

Cobham Mission Systems

Jack and Carmen Darland

Don Doucette and Lynn Drazinski

The Eirinberg Family

Eye Surgeons Associates, PC

Major General Yves and Kathy Fontaine

Bill and Christine Gallin

Marie-Catherine and Pierre Guyot

John and Kay Hall

Michelle Hargrave

Hunt and Diane Harris

Joyce and Tony Singh Family Foundation, Inc.

Ann Koski

Kenneth Koupal and Thomas Kersting

Mary Lind and Tom Lytton

Robert and Janet McCabe

Marion Meginnis and Jack Haberman

Mills Chevrolet

Modern Woodmen of America

Kimberly and Tim Montgomery

Jill Moon and Richard Seehuus

Samuel and Elisabeth Norwood

Steven and Bonnie Powell

Kay Kretschmar Runge

Rhythm City Casino, Davenport

Steve Sinner

Hugh and Debby Stafford

Janelle Swanberg and Donald Fish

Linda Tank

TBK Bank

Tom and Brooke Terronez

US Bank

Paul and Donna VanDuyne

Susan and Richard Vermeer

Susan von Maur

Whitey’s Ice Cream

PATRON $1,250 +

Anderson, Lower, Whitlow, P.C.


Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Bill Barnes

Thomas J. Brawley

Andrew and Debi Butler

Ralph and Marcia Congdon

Bonnie Fox

Denise Garrett and Jim Niedelman

Genesis Health System

Global Partners Alliance LLC.

Thomas Harper

James R. Havercamp

E.R. Hofmann

Mary Lou Kotecki, Ph.D.

Curtis Lundy

Kathleen Medhus

Delia and Dave Meier

Larry and Carol Minard

Bonnie and Gerald Moeller

Olympus Properties

John Parkhurst

Quad City Bank & Trust Co.

Royal Neighbors of America

Marilyn Schreiber

Matt and Tracy Schwind

Rick and Nancy Seidler

John and Diane Slover, Jr.

Dan and Gayna Stadelman

Sandra Stoit

Deann Thoms

Scott and Beth Tinsman, Jr.

Jon and Michelle Tunberg

Rusty and Doris Unterzuber

Kelly Valentine and Michael Wiebler

STEWARD $500 +

Christine Ameling

Barry Anderson



Nancy Bach

Nancy Ballenger

William and Judy Benevento

Eileen Benson

Kim and Peter Benson

Robert and Suzanne Benson

James Billman

Mike and Barb Bleedorn

Mary Blong

Ellen Boeye

Jim and Marcia Borel

Caitlin and Nic Brandt

George and Mary Britton

William and Dixie Burress

Bush, Motto, Creen, Koury & Halligan, P.L.C.

Andy and April Buske

CBI Bank & Trust

Nancy Chapman

Dean Christensen

Matthew and Jamie Christophersen

Richard Clewell

George and Nancy Coin

Chris and Connie Connolly

Michele and H.J. Dane

John and Jody DeDoncker

Mara and Michael Downing

Patrick and Kristena Downing

Joseph D’Souza

Carol and Clark Ehlers

Willie Ellis

Adam Ernst and Renee Meyer Ernst

Dawn Fensterbusch

John and Lisa Figge

Stephen Figge

Joel and Diane Franken

Jim and Jeanne Gale

Susan and David Gallagher

Geneseo Foundation

John and Maureen Golinvaux

William and Marvel Green

Beth and Mark Hancock

Jan Harper

Dr. Rob and Mindy Harson

William and Ruth Anne Hartman

Nancy and John Hayes

Connie Heckert

Debbie Hegwein

John C. Higgins

P. Charles Horan

J F Ahern Co

Marianne Jensen

John J Quail Foundation

Johnson Watkins Family Foundation

Mary and Matthew Jones

K&K True Value Hardware

Matthew Katz and Stephen Sokany

Kent Corporation

Georgie Koenig and Lloyd Kilmer

Norma Kurth

James and Elisabeth Leach

Robert Lewis and Steve Flack

Robert and Barbara Lipnick

Joe and Ann Lohmuller

Donald and Janet Luethje

Mary Lujack

Jane Magnusson

Alan C. Marin

John and Michele Martin

Sylvia Martin

Frank and Ann McCarthy

John McDermott

Gary and Jean Medd

David and Gretchen Mills

Daniel and Jennifer Molyneaux

Mumford Family Foundation

Bernadette Murphy

Martha Neal

David Mark Nelson and Ann Marie Campagna

Brad and Leslie Oates

Michael Ochotorena

Jacqueline O’Donnell

George and Patricia Olson

Priscilla Parkhurst

Constance Parkinson

Dolores Payette Kustom

Leo and Renate Peck

Susan Perry and Stanley Goodyear

Glenn Peterson

Jeff and Jana Peterson

Peggy Pierce

Dan Portes and Judy Shawver

Theodore Priester and Emilie Giguere

Professional Touch Cleaning Services

Janet and Paul Rafferty

Chris and Mary Rayburn

Mary Regan

Ed Rogalski

Ian and Sara Russell

Siv Brit Saetre and James Entwistle, Jr.

Jennifer Saintfort

Dan and Marysue Salmon

Sue Shawver

Tony and Joyce Singh

Sam Skorepa and Abbey Furlong

Gala Sunderbruch

Dick Taber Estate Sales

Bruce and Sharon Tinsman

Senator Maggie Tinsman

John and Kathleen Tritt

Annika Tunberg

Douglas and Jean Vickstrom

Sara Volz

Patricia Walkup

Dana and Faye Waterman

Kimberly and Robert Waterman, Jr.

Tom and Maria Waterman

Wessels Charitable Endowment

Dana and Mark Wilkinson

William and Patricia Wohlford

Dale and Marie Ziegler


Lanny and Erika Adamson

Christine Agy

Carol Albrecht

James and Dianne Andrews

Paula Arnell and Vincent Liu

Bart and Denise Baker

Gerald and Patricia Barenthin

Stephanie Barrick and Geoffrey Campbell

Robert and Priscilla Bass

Mark and Rita Bawden

Leslie and Sara Bell

John and Patti Berge

Joseph Bergstrom and Shawna Duske

Norm and Linda Bower

Thomas and Elaine Bridge

Patrick J. and Sue Broderick

Greg and Christine Bush

Brian and Barbara Cady

Roland Caldwell and Anne Corbi

James and Lisa Carstens

Carl and Barbara Cartwright

Clarissa Chavez and Zachary Palfenier

Frank and Carol Cincola

Teresa and Steve Coder

Gene and Mollie Conrad

Shawna and David Corby

Thomas Coryn

Donna Darnall

Alan and Dawn Dickey

Aric and Tina Eckhardt

Elizabeth and Keith Ehrecke

Loryann Eis

Robert Elfline

Carrie and Jason Enzler

Sandra Eskin

Jerry Fisher

Todd and Angela Florence

Manfred and Sandy Fritz

Lee and Lisa Gaston

Magdalena Gibson

Rex and Susan Grove

Andre and Kristina Gutwein

Dale Haake and M.C. Lucas-Murillo

Philip and Greta Habak

Barb Hansen

Jeff and Barbara Havenner

Kirk and LuAnn Haydon

Gene Hellige and Loren Shaw Hellige

Susan Hippler and Roy Springfield

Peg and Scott Hopkins

Ralph and Mary Ellen Horton

Doug and Nancy Hultquist

Steve and Mary Ellen Hunter

Mackenzie Jackson

Steve and Maggie Jackson

Maitreyi Janarthanan and Tracy Finnegan

Lois Jecklin

John and Patty Johannesen

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Johnson

Sherry Kaufman

Joe and Ana Kehoe

Katie Kiley

Mark and Kathy Kilmer

Aaron and Dorole King

Barbara Korbelik

Harold and Rosanne Krubsack

Kevin and Anne Kurth

Gary and Gerda Lane

Lane & Waterman, LLP

Marian Lee

Robert and Sherry Lindsay

Catherine and William Litwinow

Ben and Aryn Lloyd

Carmen and Bill Lundie

Barbara Maness

Barbara Manlove

Brad and Lillian Martell

Ron and Cindy May

Paul and Sue McDevitt

Susan and Michael McPeters

Craig Meincke

John Menninger

Sharon Michaelsen

Harry and Georgia Mihm

Craig and Linda Miller

Roger and Kathleen Miller

Stefani Miner

Norman and Janet Moline

Barbara and Tom Montgomery

Kathy and Dan Moore

Margaret Morse and Michael Batz

Steve Musson and Dori James

Lois Nichols

Don and Angela Normoyle

Jeanne and Paul Olsen

Janet Parker and Steve Young

Don Pedersen

Mel Piff and Sara Holtz

Nancy Polis

Anne Powers

David and Paula Pratt

Alta Price

Raelene and Scott Pullen

Kristin Quinn and Anthony Catalfano

Stephanie and Tom Raphael-Nakos

John and Mariann Reese

Jerome and Carole Reid

James and Jacque Richards

John and Celeste Roth

Robert and Linda Ryden

Dick and Kit Sayles

Tim Schiffer and John Cameron

Anthony and Helen Schiltz

Samuel and Nancy Schold

Jim Schwarz and Linda Gonzales

Malavika and Devendra Shrikhande

Ron and Becky Sipes

Jerry and Julie Skalak

David Smith and Dale Slonneger-Smith

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SSAB Iowa Inc

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Annette Tephly and Matt Rybarczyk

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Andrew and Elizabeth Wallace

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Patrick Walton and Theresa Jantzi

Marvin and Carol Webb

Carol Webber

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Diane and Mike Whiteman

Steve and Barbara Wright

Janet Wuest


Steve and Anne H. Adler

Kitty Alexander and Mike Woods

Ralph Baechle

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James Patrick Baldwin

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Amy Baum

Honey and Daniel Bedell

Karen Beetham and Palmer Steward

Luis and Luis Bencomo

Thomas Bengtson and Kevin Carney

Chris Berg

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Kevin and Lisa Blechle

George and Cynthia Bleich

Harlow and Lila Blum

Mary Ellen and Gary Blunck

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Mary Jeanne Bolger and Sarah Vanacker

Mary and Greg Bouljon

Elizabeth Bouslough

Jerry and Carrie Bowman

Nancy Briggs

Karen Brooke

Pleshette Butler

Mark Butterworth

Alan and Kristin Campbell

Nicole and Lee Carkner

William and Kathryn Carter

Sara Carton

Karen Cathelyn

Mary Ellen and Amy Chamberlin

Joseph and Shelley Chambers

Tiberiu Chelcea

Liz and Dana Christiansen

David and Sharon Cinotto

Bob and Christina Conklin

Linda Cook and Oliver Williams

Mike and Jane Coryn

Phillip Cray and Barbara Rudsell-Cray

Maria and Patrick Cummings

Barbara Davison

John and Carolyn Deason

Ed and Courtney Decker

Don and Nancy Dehner

Jason and Sonia Deutmeyer

Patty Dooley-Jones and Maggie Jones

Shea Doyle and Hannah Morrell

Maxine Duhm

Chris Dunn and Elizabeth Russell

Susan Dwyer

Candace and Ronald Egger

Steven and Renee Elmer

Gary Emich and Margaret Gerard

Mary Ann Engel

Kristin and Evan Farwell

Tamara Felden and Kurt Christoffel

Carlton Fenzl

Thomas C. Taylor and Thomas M. Fiedler

Linda and Warren Fierce

Penny and Michael Fitzpatrick

Stephen Fletcher

Patrick and Jeanne Flynn

Carol Francis and David Gamble

Ron and Cynthia Freidhof - Ross’ Restaurant

Susannah and Randy Friemel

Lynn and Mary Lee Friesth

Rolando Gamino

Jan Garmong

Martha Gaulrapp

David and Rene Gellerman

Laura Genis

Robert and Mary Jo Godwin

Rhonda Golden

Sue and Dale Goodmundson

Mary Grant

Ann Green

Mimi Greer

Luanne and Tom Gritton

Joanne and Dale Hachtel

Michael and Michelle Hahn

Roger and Laurie Hakeman

Catherine Halligan

Isabel Hansen

Tina Harper

Cathleen and Patrick Hart

Nancy and William Hass

Bob Heimer and Victoria Navarro

Heidi and Kris Hernandez

Dave and Connie Herrell

John Hobbs and Davia Gallup

Ann Hochhausen and Marlin Whitmer

Jim and Linda Hoepner

William Homrighausen

John and Raisin Horn

James and Carol Horstmann

Larry and Dianne Hosford

Michael and Louise Howcroft

William Howe

Jim Huiskamp and Stephanie Dittmer

Randall and Danette Hunt

Tess and Matthew Hurt

Michael and Hedy Hustedde

Mary Kay and James Hymes

Raphael Iaccarino and Barbara Maness

Gary and Nancy Ingelson

Thomas Jackson and Joanne Stevens

Chris and Dave Jagger

Laura Jagger

Brian Jennings

Judy and Jerry Johansen

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Francis and Stacy Kane

Charlet and Alexander Key

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Rachel and Daniel Kinker

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Michael and Lenore Knock

Wolf and Linnea Koch

Steve Kopp

Joan and Vito Kuraitis

Charles and Donna Kuykendall

Melanie Landa and Mike Moulton

Dave and Cathie Lange

Jennifer and Jim Lanphere

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Richard Legg and Joan Trapp

Riane and Jacob Leib

Bob and Kathy Lelonek

Mary Ann Linden

Dale and Alice Loff

Kathleen Logan and Logan Pribble

Tim and Nora Loss

Jerry Lowe and Janet Brown-Lowe

Robert Ludwig

Cynthia and Fred Lukasik

Helen and Jeff Macalister

Daniel Malachuk and Catherine Reinhardt

Salvatore Marici

Marlene Marolf

Ron and Carol Mathias, P.C.

Jeff and Jo Ellen Maurus

Frances and Jordan Maus

Michael and Joan McCarthy

Nancy McConnell and Michael Swartz

Kathy McCoy

John and Geralyn McEvoy

Jill McLaughlin

Kathleen McLaughlin

Dan and Betsy McNeil

Aaron Miers

Ann and Jerry Mohr

Stephen and Melissa Mohr

John and Linda Molyneaux

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Ann and Paul Nicknish

Bruce Noah

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Frank and Roxanne Nowinski

George Ohley

Terry Otten and Beth Lagomarcino

Jay Pearce and Melisse Trentz

Daryl Penner

Marjorie Pentland

Douglas Peterson

Lynn and Peter Pettit

Steve Phan and Rick Poster

Carol Plouffe

Megan Quinn

Kellie Rech and Nickalaus Brown

Connie Retherford

Chuck and Pamela Roeder

Paul and Karen Rohlf

Dennis and Patricia Rose

Cheryl and Gordon Salley

David and Ginny Samuelson

Jack and Peggy Sands

Ronald Schaecher

Carol Schaefer

Martha and Timothy Schermer

Ann Schwickerath

David and Julie Scott

Ivan and Chris Sederstrom

Randi and Gary Segal

Donna Seifert

Roberta Shadensack

Susan Sharar and Leo Schubert

James and Elizabeth Shearouse

Steve and Patti Sorensen

Tom and Holly Sparkman

Tom Spitzfaden and Robin Smith

Jackie and Gene Staron

Marge Stratton

Eugene and Susan Sullivan

Lynn Summers

Nancy and Phil Tabor

Jim and Stephanie Tansey

Charles Taylor and Kayla Carlson

Jake and Melissa Taylor

Clara Delle Thompson

Duane Thompson and David Lasky

Martin Tinberg and Carol Branagan

Gwen Tombergs and Dave Wayne

Alan and Myrna Tubbs

Melita and Scott Tunnicliff

Charles and Joyce Urbain

Kym and Jeff Vandygriff

Deb Vanspeybroeck, Ph.D.

George and Mary Verry

Laura Vincent-Arnold and Eric Arnold

Matthew Voels

Nikhil and Archana Wagle

Margaret and Thomas Walsh

Tom and Kelly Warner

Christopher and Kim Welch

Matthew Welty

Carol West and G Reshid

Neil and Perrine West

Charles and Sharon Wherry

Pamela White

Ryan White

Todd and Judy White

Jolene Whittemore

Karen Wickwire, Ph.D. and Spike Bloom

Linda Wilkinson

Tony and Mary Williams

Michelle Wolff and Derek Jones

Joe and Angela Woodhouse

Kathleen and Lee Woodward

Brendan Young

Jeffrey and Donna Young

Roger and Teresa Youngblut

Max and Julia Yu

Derk and Mishelle Ziegler

Betsy Zmuda-Swanson

GRANTS $100,000 +

Helen Frankenthaler Foundation

Hubbell-Waterman Foundation

Quad City Cultural & Educational Charitable Trust

GRANTS $50,000 +

Art Bridges

The Bechtel Trusts

Windgate Foundation

GRANTS $25,000 +

Iowa Arts Council

Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs

Regional Development Authority

Scott County Regional Authority

GRANTS $10,000 +

Humanities Iowa

Kathryn J. Dinardo Fund

Quad Cities Community Foundation

GRANTS $5,000 +

Grant W Brissman & Virginia M Brissman Foundation

GreenState Credit Union

GRANTS $1,000 +

Doris and Victor Day Foundation

Junior Board of Rock Island

Rauch Family Foundation

Rock Island Community Foundation


Thomas Allard

Leslie Bell

James Bolton

Don and Dee Bruemmer

Dean Christensen

Linda Cook and Oliver Williams

Crow Valley Country Club


K. Vinje and Suzanne Dahl

Kirk and Wendy Davis

Dimensional Graphics & PSS

Evergreen Art Works, Inc.

John and Kay Hall

Hunt and Diane Harris

Heart of America Group

Bob Heimer and Victoria Navarro

Hot Glass Inc.

Stacey Houk

Benjamin and Elizabeth Kantner

Kevin and Jane Koski

Ann L. Koski

Judie Lance

Janet Leman

J. Randolph and Linda Lewis

Brian and Diana Lovett

Joseph and Carolyn Martin

Marion Meginnis and Jack Haberman

Monarch Kitchen + Bar

Necker’s Jewelers

George and Patricia Olson

Beth Peters and Jason Carpenter

Pinnacle Country Club

Randy Richmond and Audrey Brown

Wynne and David Schafer

Tim Schiffer

David Schmitz

Rick and Nancy Seidler

Short Hills Country Club

Steve Sinner

The Current Iowa Hotel

The Outing Club

Susan and Richard Vermeer


Sara Volz

Ellen Wagener

WaterMark Corners, a Trimble Pointe Company

West Music

Wide River Winery, LLC

Didier William


Black Hawk College

Eastern Iowa Community College

Palmer College of Chiropractic

St. Ambrose University

University of Iowa

Western Illinois University


Bettendorf Public Library

Cedar Falls Public Library

Coralville Public Library

Cordova District Library

Davenport Public Library

East Moline Public Library

Edwards River Public Library

Fairfax Public Library

Geneseo Public Library

Iowa City Public Library

LeClaire Community Library

Maquoketa Public Library

Moline Public Library

River Valley District Library

Rock Island Public Library

Scott County Library System

Sherrard Public Library

Stilwell Public Library

Western District Library


Dee Bruemmer (Kay Runge)

Tom Dalton and Debbie Hegwein (Debra and Thomas Mielnik)

Wynne and David Schafer's 50th Anniversary (John and Nancy Danico)

Duane E. Timm and Jeffrey T. Gomez 10 Year Vow Renewal (Anonymous Samantha Crow Marion Meginnis and Jack Haberman, Elizabeth Nolan, and Duane Timm)


Sue Bennett

Nina Davis

Bonnie Fox

Manfred and Sandy Fritz

John and Kay Hall

Beryl Irvine

Bradley Johnson

Richard H. and Beverly Koos

Judie Lance

J. Randolph and Linda Lewis

Carol Machael

Jean Moeller

Lois Nichols

Theresa Shannon

Sue Shawver

Robert and Bonnie Teske

Judith Wesenberg

Margaret Jean Roberts (Nobis John and Kay Hall)

Jim Tank (Kay Runge)

Craig Van Hook (Robert and Suzanne, Benson, Brian Foecke, Bonnie Fox, Connie Heckert, E.R. Hofmann, Don Pedersen, Susan Quail, Paul and Karen Rohlf, James and Susan Van De Casteele, Eric and Ericka VanHook)

Nancy van Hook (Bill and Christine Gallin)



J. Randolph and Linda Lewis

$10,000 - $24,999

Jim and Michelle Russell

$5,000 - $9,999

GreenState Credit Union

$1,000 - $4,999

Jill Moon and Richard Seehuus

Kimberly and Tim Montgomery

Tony Singh Family Foundation, Inc.

$100 - $999

John and Kay Hall

Denise Garrett and Jim Niedelman

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Glenn Peterson


Society members are individuals, families, and organizations who are passionate about ensuring the preservation of the Figge Art Museum’s mission of bringing art and people together by creating legacy gifts to guarantee our community’s access to art and art education for generations to come. 

Samuel and Marsha Allen

John H. Anderson

Drs. Lisa and Amir Arbisser

Bill Barnes

Tara Barney

Rita and Mark Bawden

Melvin and Randy Berlin

Robert Bina and Delores De Wilde Bina

Andy and Debi Butler

Cynthia Carlson

Paul and Rosemari Caruso

Dean Christensen

John and Nancy Danico

Martha Easter-Wells

Jeff and Susie Eirinberg

Thomas K. and Jennifer Figge

Bonnie L. Fox

John Gaines and Sheila Kistenmacker

Kenneth Casey Gaines

Bill and Christine Gallin

John Gardner and Cathy Weideman

Glen E. and Sarah Gierke, Jr.

Max and Jacki Guinn

John and Kay Hall

Perry and Elise Hansen

William Homrighausen

Hedy and Michael Hustedde

Dave and Peg Iglehart

John Deere Classic

Matthew Katz and Stephen Sokany

Steven and Katia Katz

Dr. Mary Lou Kotecki

Kenneth Koupal and Thomas Kersting

Marion Lardner

Michael Leep

J. Randolph and Linda Lewis

Robert and Sherry Lindsay

Brian and Diana Lovett

Mary Lujack

Frank and Ann McCarthy

Delia and David Meier

Richard Seehuus and Carolyn Jill Moon

Will and Renee Moon

Steve Musson and Dori James

Jacqueline O’Donnell

Vickie Palmer

Priscilla Parkhurst

Stan Goodyear and Susan Perry

Raelene and Scott Pullen

Quad Cities Community Foundation

Susan Quail

Chris and Mary Rayburn

Alan and Julie Renken

Jim and Vicki Rocker

Paul and Karen Rohlf

Caroline Ruhl and John Thompson

Kay Kretschmar Runge

Ralph Saintfort

Wynne and David Schafer

Tim Schiffer

Randy and Deb Sergesketter

Aleeza Singh and Kyle Ekberg

Steve Sinner

John A. Slover, Jr. and Diane M. Slover

Deborah and Hugh Stafford

Deann Thoms

Bruce and Sharon Tinsman

Hov and Sara Tinsman

Maggie Tinsman

Scott and Beth Tinsman, Jr.

W. Scott and Barbara Tinsman

Richard and Susan Vermeer

Jane and George Vieth

C.R. and Nancy von Maur

Susan von Maur

Andrew and Elizabeth Wallace

Kimberly and Robert Waterman, Jr.

Fun Facts. fpo


The Figge Art Museum is home to one of the nation's largest collections of Haitian Art.

Orientation Gallery
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225 West Second Street
Davenport, Iowa



Museum | 563.326.7804

Cafe | 563.345.6647



Monday | Closed

Tuesday - Wednesday | 10am - 5pm

Thursday | 10am - 8pm

Friday - Saturday | 10am - 5pm

Sunday | 12pm - 5pm

*Closing procedures will begin 15 minutes before closing time



Monday - Sunday Closed

*The Figge Cafe is closed until further notice

*See calendar for holiday exceptions