Tina Garrett: Starting Methods in Portraiture Workshop
August 2, 3, and 4, 2024, 9am-4pm with a one hour lunch break at noon

Members: $600

Non-members: $615

Tina Garrett: Starting Methods in Portraiture Workshop

Instructor: Tina Garrett

Age Range: Adult

Skill Level: Beyond Beginner

Description: This is Tina Garrett's most comprehensive oil painting workshop. Students will learn to see and simplify values, create form, and understand edges and chroma to control your composition and create dramatic portraiture using Tina's practical and easy-to-use strategies. Tina will demonstrate how to pose and paint from the live model as well as how to photograph the model and how to edit your photos with and without Photoshop. Tina will demonstrate three oil painting starting methods including open grisaille, accurate color wash and Tina's favorite, selective start, to help students discover the process that will help them achieve their best work. In this 3 Day workshop, artists will begin and finish a portrait to completion. Tina will work one-on-one with every artist as they paint from both the live model and photos. Tina's goal is to be as generous with her knowledge as possible, walking each student through the concepts so when artists leave her workshops, they are able to take their own painting to new heights. If your portraits look cartoonish or dead, you need this workshop. All levels welcome! Space is limited!

If you have any trouble registering for classes online, please call Studio School Manager, Joshua Johnson at 563.345.6654. 

Refunds:  Classes are eligible for a full refund up to 2 weeks before the start date for the class.  Refunds within 2 weeks of the start date of the class will be for 50% of the original price.  Transfers into other classes will be handled on a case by case basis.

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Supply List: 


Five smooth textured canvas made for portrait painting or an equivalent oil or lead primed substrate canvas will be the most supportive for your art. If ordering from America, a double primed linen portrait quality linen canvas from RayMar Art is perfect. Another affordable option that is great for learning is Jerrysartarama Oil Primed Linen Panels, canvas or canvas linen paper made by Centurion Deluxe.  

The size of the canvas is not critical, but we are aiming for a typical head and shoulders portrait so nothing extremely small or large. 12x16 to 16x20 is great. Absolutely avoid acrylic and gesso primed canvases. 


Tina Garrett’s Brush Set is available through Rosemary & Co. Brushes of England. 

- The complete set costs about $100 and in the web shop, you can remove brushes you may already have or add to the quantity of those you’d like to buy more of. Order early with a delivery to the school if permitted, they can take a few weeks to get to the U.S.


Avoid student grade paints such as WINTON because it is poor quality. 

- Gamblin, Winsor & Newton, and Rembrandt are three brands that are reliable and affordable. 


Transparent Oxide Red (Rembrandt)

Ultramarine Blue Deep (Rembrandt)

Kings Blue (Rembrandt)

Violet Gray (Old Holland)

Phthalo Turquoise (Gamblin)

Cadmium Orange Deep (Gamblin)

Cadmium Yellow Deep (Winsor & Newton)

Cadmium Red Medium (Gamblin)

Quinacridone Magenta (Winsor & Newton)

Green Gold (Gamblin)

Permanent Mauve (Winsor & Newton)

Yellow Ochre (Utrecht)

Transparent Oxide Yellow (Rembrandt)

Winsor Yellow (Winsor & Newton)

Indian Yellow (Winsor & Newton)

Indian Yellow Deep (Winsor & Newton)

Ivory Black (Gamblin)

Titanium White (Gamblin)

Other Supplies:

Odor free solvent and solvent jar. NO TURPENTINE.

- I use Gamsol by Gamblin.

Paper Towels 

- I use Scott Blue Shop Towels.

Unconventional painting tools 

- Q-tips

- Grey Kneaded Eraser usually used for charcoal

- Variety of sea sponges

- Steel Wool

- Rubber Spatula

M Graham brand Walnut Oil 

A plastic grocery sack or trash bag for your trash.

Palette knife/small Diamond shaped head. 

- No plastic. Metal with a wood handle is best.

Palette: You will struggle if your mixing surface is too small. 

- I use my Edge Pro Gear PaintBook and have attached a coupon below. 

- Any large, preferably glass, palette is great. There are many glass palette options, cutting boards, 1/4 replacement glass, glass palettes by New Wave.

- Do not use picture frame glass because it is brittle and dangerous. If you have a glass palette, a flat razor blade will be helpful for palette clean up. 

Smart Device

- Please have a device, such as a smartphone or ipad 


- I will provide images or you can use your own references digitally on your device or prints 



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