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Follow Along Activities

Activity 1 - Learn to Print like Warhol! 
Inspired by Andy Warhol's colorful pop art prints, we decided to make our own!  A simple way to do print making at home, without the mess. Tag us on Instagram @figgeartmuseum and show us your creations!

Materials Needed:
-white paper
-Crayola or any brand washable markers
-baby wipes (substitute: paper towel & spray bottle of water)
-mini styrofoam plates
-pencils and erasers (careful! pencil won't erase off of the plate, take your time)

Activity 2 - Make Your Own Half Moon
Inspired by the Figge’s beloved Half Moon by artist Deborah Butterfield, get in touch with your inner sculptor to build a mini horse.  Deborah Butterfield is known for her horses made from found objects: from sticks and mud to sheet metal; get creative and look around your house for materials you can use too.

-aluminum foil
-various materials to form the horse (suggestions: sticks & leaves, pipe cleaners, clay, buttons, scrap paper)
-regular Elmer’s glue

Paint strip

Big Picture in YOUR House

Our outreach educators bring you this fun video series adapting our popular arts education outreach program for you to enjoy at home. Listen a brief art lesson followed by an easy art activity to do together with your child. For questions on a session, email Laura at

Session 1 - The Perfect Square

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Educational Resources

Great for teachers and parents alike!                                         

Elementary Students

Cassie Stephens
Our Outreach Educator's top pick for art resources. Cassie's content is often used to enhance our own educator's lessons.  She is an art educator from Nashville, TN and has an amazingly FUN way of teaching art to students.

Cassie Stephens Blog
Cassie Stephens YouTube Channel

LUNCH DOODLES with Mo Willems!
Many are familiar with Mo Willems and the Don’t Let the Pigeon Series. The Kennedy Center for the Arts brings us this sponsored a series in response to COVID-19.

Kennedy Center: Mo Willems
Mo Willems: Lunch Doodles YouTube Series

Deep Space Sparkle
Patty Palmer is another educator who has a lot of lessons based on art and visual literacy.  She prepared an Emergency Sparkle Kit for remote learning.  Go to the link and scroll down to sign up for the packet on the Deep Space Sparkle website.  

Deep Space Sparkle Website
Deep Space Sparkle YouTube

Art Projects for Kids
This resource provides great “How to Draw” step by step.  Great activity for keeping the kids creating and busy.

Art Projects for Kids Website

Middle School Students

Boca Raton Museum of Art
The Lesson Plans offered by the Boca Raton Museum of Art encourage educators to teach art analysis, as well as incorporate art into language arts, math, and creative writing. This is a fun way to encourage students and kids to think about art from new perspectives. Below is a link to the Lesson Plans menu and an example of a Lesson Plan.

Boca Raton Museum of Art: Lesson Plan Listing
Example Lesson Plan: Kuhn Young Woman

National Gallery of Art
These lesson plans are like those offered by the Boca Raton Museum of Art; however, they are categorized by art and subject. Each lesson contains warm-up questions and discussions, class activities, and additional downloadable content for both children and adults. The lessons promote critical thinking and encourage students to have constructive discussions with their peers. 

National Gallery of Art: Lesson Plan Listing
Example Lesson Plan: Uncovering America  

TED Ed provides educators with a series of engaging, fun videos about visual arts and literature. There are also other video categories, such as math, science, history, etc., which can be accessed from a Subjects drop-down menu. The videos average between three-to-five minutes long, and have four learning steps: Watch, Think, Dig Deeper, Discuss. As students watch the videos, they are encouraged to think critically about the content and respond to quizzes and open discussion questions. 

TED Ed: Visual Arts
Example Lesson Plan: Frida Kahlo

Art to Remember
Art to Remember offers free, simple art projects for students. What is great about this resource is that educators can filter topics, grade levels, and media types to find what art projects work best for their students, teaching style, and material access. Each lesson incorporates other concepts, such as math, geography, and science, so students can learn more as they play and create art. Even better, many of the projects incorporate every-day items you may already have at home.

Art to Remember: Lesson Plan Listing
Example Lesson Plan: Mystery Pattern

High School Students

PBS Learning Media
This extension of PBS offers online lesson plans and supplemental videos, interactives, documents, and galleries for all grade levels—including 9-12. In the Arts section, you will find materials that focus on visual art, music, art history, dance, and more—all designed to bolster higher education art classes. The additional interactives keep students engaged and allow them to have fun while learning. The site is also compatible with Google Classroom. 

PBS Learning Media - High School
Example Lesson Video

J. Paul Getty Museum
The Getty offers art-focused lesson plans with supplementary videos, activities, and documents so educators can customize the classroom experience. Each lesson is designed to enhance art and art historical knowledge, and complement other subjects, like English, literature, science, and math. The lesson questions encourage students to think critically and participate in discussions with their peers. Art and writing activities encourage active learning and creativity, allowing students to directly apply what they have learned in class. 

The Getty Education Guides
Example Lesson Plan

Kinder Art
This website offers dozens of free art lessons for educators and students. Each lesson is designed or can be adapted for at-home learning, and they can supplement lessons already taught in class. For example, if students are learning about art fundamentals, such as line, the Blind Contour Drawing exercise lets students practice and understand line-making. Many of the available lessons require materials that are easily found at home, so safety is ensured for both students and educators. Below is a link to the art lessons list and the Blind Contour Drawing example.

Kinder Art - Art Lessons
Example Lesson Plan: Blind Contour Drawing

Art History Teaching Resources
This resource is great for higher-education art and art history instructors—particularly anyone teaching AP classes. Selecting, “Lesson Plans,” from the top drop-down menu will introduce educators to a variety of lesson plans categorized as Survey 1, Survey 2, and Thematic. After selecting a lesson, educators will view a lesson description and suggested teaching methods. Each lesson is supplemented by vocabulary, readings, assignments, activities, and discussions to provide in-depth learning experiences. History’s impact on art is also explored via relevant literature, historical events, and human achievements—all conveniently linked directly in the lesson descriptions. If educators need additional resources or support, the website also has an e-journal and weekly publications to explore. 

Art History Teaching Resources
Example Lesson Plan: Ancient Art 

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