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The Art of Persuasion: American Propaganda Posters and the Great War

January 28, 2017 - May 14, 2017

April 6, 2017, marks the centennial of the United States’ declaration of war on Germany and its entry into World War I. The Art of Persuasion exhibition explores how some of the most important artists and illustrators of the day supported the war effort. 
Prior to radio...

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Scrimmage: Football in American Art from the Civil War to the Present

January 21, 2017 - May 14, 2017

Scrimmage features 78 artworks, dating from the 1850s to 2014, that take as their subject various aspects of the game of football. Some works, such as Frederic Remington’s Touchdown, Yale vs. Princeton, are straightforward depictions of the early days of the sport, while o...

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Young Artists at the Figge 2017

January 21, 2017 - April 23, 2017

Elementary art students from seven school districts are represented in the 2017 Young Artists exhibition. One student from each participating school will be chosen to receive a scholarship to a Figge class. Thanks to museum and donor support, admission for recognition days is free for student art...

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The Robert F. and Patricia J. Schmitt Collection of Japanese Prints

January 14, 2017 - April 23, 2017

Step into the fascinating world of Japanese woodblock prints in the Lewis Gallery. The exhibition features 15 prints by preeminent Japanese artists of the 19th and 20th centuries recently gifted to the Figge from the Robert F. and Patricia J. Schmitt Collection. Japanese prints are revered for th...

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Legacies for Iowa

March 31, 2012 - August 28, 2017

Legacies for Iowa, a University of Iowa Museum of Art Collections Sharing Project, features some of the most important paintings in the UIMA collection. The exhibition explores each painting's distinctive qualities, revealing each work as remarkable in its own right, while also ...

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