Julius Schmidt (American, 1923-2017), Stainless Steel Sculpture, 1971, stainless steel, City of Davenport Art Collection, Friends of Art Acquisition Fund, 1974.4
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April 13, 2024 - June 23, 2024
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This Spring the Katz gallery will be transformed into an oasis within the museum, providing a space for contemplation, mindfulness, and relaxation within a peaceful garden of sculpture.  The exhibition will feature a selection of large works from the Figge’s permanent collection, including sculptures by Marily Davidson, George Rickey, Gene Horvath, and Julius Schmidt.  These works will be accompanied by traditional art historical interpretation as well as mindfulness prompts and activities generated by Iowa City Artist and Art Therapist Dana Keeton and local yoga instructor, Reiki Master, sound healer, and Thai Bodywork practitioner Becky Nakashima Brooke.  Keeton and Brooke will also create a meditative space in the center of the gallery, with floor cushions and soothing music where visitors are encouraged to contemplate the surrounding sculptures and see them through new perspectives.  These new perspectives will be encouraged by the curated activities in the exhibition, including communal journalling, yoga instruction, and meditation prompts. 

Dana Keeton Bio: Dana Keeton is an artist and art psychotherapist in private practice in Iowa City. Her work with clients is centered on an integrative mind-body approach rooted in trauma-informed art psychotherapy. In addition to her clinical work, Dana provides art therapy informed workshops in museum settings. As an artist, Dana is interested in exploring new ways to create with both tactile and lens-based media. Trained as a photographer, her current work focuses on collaborative multimedia projects that investigate themes connected to nature, the environment, and the innate human need for calming and soothing amidst the natural cycles of change. 

Becky Nakashima Brooke Bio:  Becky Nakashima Brooke has a diverse background as an end-of-life doula, Reiki master, yoga Instructor, Thai bodyworker, sound healer, and qigong teacher. Becky uses her knowledge of qigong and sound healing to guide meditation. Through her guidance, individuals can experience profound relaxation and harmonization of the body, mind, and spirit.


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